Amouage - Ursa Major Man Set

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Gift Set

Amouage - Ursa Major Man Set

AED 2,200.00


Gift Set

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Product Description

Indulge in the captivating allure of the Amouage - Ursa Major Man Set, where luxury meets sophistication in a trio of 100ml signature perfumes. Each exquisite coffret is meticulously crafted for those with an insatiable thirst for the extraordinary, offering a personal journey through scent that is both compellingly precious and undeniably unique.

At the heart of this collection lies Ursa Major, a fragrance that embodies the epitome of masculine refinement. With an aura of stability and balance, it exudes a freshness that is both nuanced and refined. Its earthy, woody undertones evoke a primal emotion, a visceral connection to nature that is as timeless as it is powerful.

Enclave, like the last rays of sunlight caressing the fjords of Musandam, encapsulates a sophisticated blend of freshness and warmth. It is a rich tapestry of earthy notes, reminiscent of a secluded hideaway where land meets sea, inviting you to escape into its embrace.

Meander invites you on an exhilarating journey through fog-laden landscapes, where lush green mountains and meandering streams awaken the senses to the pure bliss of happiness. Its invigorating scent captures the essence of nature's beauty, a celebration of life's simple joys.

Boundless is a symphony of joyous exuberance, a fleeting moment of euphoria captured in a bottle. It pulses with an ardent energy, echoing the vibrant hues of a jungle canopy bathed in sunlight. With each spritz, you are enveloped in the boundless expanse of the world, empowered to seize the moment and embrace the magnificence of life.

Crafted with precision and passion, each fragrance is a masterpiece of olfactory artistry, meticulously composed with the finest ingredients from around the globe. From the top notes that tantalize the senses to the rich, complex base, every facet of these perfumes tells a story of opulence and allure.

Experience the extraordinary with the Amouage - Ursa Major Man Set, where every scent is a testament to the power of luxury and the art of seduction. Revel in the majesty of masculinity, and embark on a journey of discovery unlike any other.

Top notes

Blood Orange Oil, Cardamom Oil, Ginger CO2, Elemi Oil.

Heart notes

Vanilla Bourbon Absolute and CO2, Benzoin Resinoid.

Base notes

Guaiac Wood Oil, Papyrus Oil, Cocoa Absolute, Tobacco Absolute, Oak Moss Absolute, Frankincense Absolute and Oil, Myrrh Resinoid, Vetiver Oil, Patchouli Oil.

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